Why Yoga? Is it for me? I’m worried I can’t……

Why Yoga? Is it for me?  I’m worried I can’t……

So often media creates these images in our mind of the expectations of what we should be.  We often see yoga photos of thin long men and women with sinewy muscles in asanas (or poses) that seem super human.
Maybe perhaps, for some, the slower pace of some yoga classes are intimidating.  Perhaps, you aren’t sure if you can slow down, if you can breathe, if you can stay quiet for that long.
The beauty of yoga is the practice is yours, and you take from it what you want, or even need!
I am living my calling and my passion.  Sometimes that comes with long hours, a lot of hard work, and some stress.  Don’t mis-understand me, my career gives me joy, and this is right where I want to be. I often push my body weekly hard to see how I can develop with both my fitness and Martial Arts training. With all that said I NEED YOGA.  It is a wonderful compliment to my hectic schedule that comes with the studio, my training, my fitness and my amazing family!
I get to slow down, really evaluate my mind, and my body, while keeping the body active!  
I don’t always have a great class, sometimes I just have to drop my expectations, and re-evaluate. I often struggle with breath, or keeping a meditative mind. Some days I intentionally let my mind wander, and I find myself with creative ideas, or a solution to a problem that has been troubling me during those no so “perfect” practice moments.  Other days my focus is on increased strength in various asanas. Some days it is simply about quieting the mind. There are also days where I am just happy I showed up.
I don’t slow down well, and when I do I tend to fall asleep.  That is another reason why I love our gentle Yoga class, because there is just enough movement I don’t snore on my mat.
I can slow down, I can breathe, I can say silent prayers, and I can still be moving, holding asanas, while focusing on my mind, my body, and my spirit.
For me it is very often about:
The practice of self kindness,
The practice of self forgiveness,
Continued growth,
My time.
What is Yoga to you?
What holds you back from trying it, or even perhaps enjoying it?
– Namaste –
Tammy Bauer