Traditional Martial Arts – Developing your child into a happy, confident, great person.

It is always such an exciting time for both parents and children when a child begins a new activity!  It is no different when stepping onto the martial arts training floor.  From a 3 year old to an adult everything is new, and there are no real expectations just yet. However the expectations from me, the instructor is extremely high, but that does not mean what you think.
When your child steps onto the training floor as my student for the first time they have no true commitment just yet. However I have just made a lifetime commitment to your child. They can, and may train for the entirety of their life, and it is my purpose to continue to help them develop every day they show up at my studio. My hope is those ideas will permeate their life and they will learn to continue to self-develop everyday of their life as well.
New students all start in different places, and find some aspects of training easier than others.  Some students may have a hard time standing in line, and following instructions when they begin to train, some may have a hard time knowing their left from their right, kicking high, or knowing their front foot from their back foot while in stances.  I do not see a problem, but an opportunity for development.  All of these are lessons that the child can develop from.  Not just simply learning their left from their right, that they can learn how to listen or stand still, but that they have the ability to change their behavior and overcome hardship. That is a powerful skill to learn at a young age, and will carry into adulthood.
I see that your child is special and unique!  His or her strengths are wonderful, and the places they struggle can be developed, and their strengths used to help develop the other parts of them.  I will not ask your child to be something they are not.  The wonderful thing about our style of martial arts is that the core of who your child is stays intact, and the martial arts training weaves into their character and personality keeping the whole person intact.  This traditional training approach takes a good person and develops them into a happy, confident, great person.
My intention is to help your child develop in a way that they can find success in their entire life.
Yes success with their martial arts training, but also full person development that begins in creating trust and mutual respect between the student, their teacher, their community, their own self, and their training.
– Ms. Tammy